Upcoming Workshop

Upcoming Workshop

Elliott Wave Programme in Jaipur
Fee: 30,000/- (Inclusive all )
Date: 27th Feb to 01st March 2021 ( 3 Days )
Time: 09:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Syllabus :
During this course you will likewise comprehend the accompanying:

General Ideas:
1. Why Waves Analysis are significant for your trading and investing profession?

2. Which kinds of chart and data are utilized in waves?

3. What time frame to consider for trading or investing?

4. Different trading types:
(a) Intraday
(b) Positional
(c) Investing-
(I) Short term Investing
(ii) Mind term Investing
(iii) long haul Investing

5. Step by step instructions to pick time frame for practice and trading with waves ideas.

6. Step by step instructions to watch the chart for example downside or upside.

7. Application for Fibonacci relationship-
(a) Retracement
(b) Extension
(I) Why just 61.8 % and 161. % are significant?
(ii) Identification for all proportion towards 1800% (Extension cases).

Starter Analysis:
1. Beginning of wave for example Impulse and Corrective.

2. Step by step instructions to discover base of waves for example beginning stage (origin) of wave.

3. Taking assistance of MACD to distinguish advancement of waves.

4. Grouping of Waves for example Impulse and Corrective.

5. Blend of waves and Fibonacci for discovering goal.

6. Subordinate and major waves for trading and investment.
Middle of the road Observations:
Kinds of Impulse:
(a) Diagonal
(b) Extensions
(C) Truncation

Advanced Consideration:
1.Why Correction is most significant piece of trading and Investing?

2. Fundamental advancement of Correction.

3. Sorts of amendment-
(I) Flat Correction
(ii) Zig-Zag
(iii) Triangle
(iv) Channelling
(a)Flat Channelling Identification.
(b)Zig-Zag Channelling Identification.
(v) How to realise the real waves courting in corrective stage?

Making profits, Trading practically (The Ultimate Goal)

Note: Hurry !! Limited seats (30 ONLY) due to Covid 19 protocol.

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Important Note: We will conduct 5 pre-workshop online classes before the webinar for preparation of Fibonacci & Swing trading.

Manoj Kumar
Founder, Chartking Institute Private Limited
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