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Options Pro:- A comprehensive course, which covers from basic concepts to in-depth understanding of the complex options market. Course contents designed after extensive research to provide step wise and complete knowledge to newcomers as well as existing options traders. After taking up this unique course, a trader will be able to have a deep understanding of the derivative segment and integrate options with their daily trading practice. A valuable addition to your current trading regime and better money management skills will be added after taking up this module.
For the ease of understanding and keeping in mind different knowledge base of participants, we have divided Options Pro course in four sections:

Section 1: Basic Module

Duration: 10 Hrs 


1. Derivatives Introduction:
  ❖ Future & Options and other derivative products
  ❖ Risk/reward in derivative market, margin terminology
  ❖ Costs, exercise mechanism and behavior of options
  ❖ Derivatives payoffs
  ❖ Modeling and Formulation
  ❖ why to choose options over other products

2. Options in detail:
  ❖ Options types
  ❖ Options terminology and time value concept
  ❖ Options models
  ● Usage of options
  ● Synthetic Options

3. Options pricing:
  ❖ Pricing models of options
  ❖ Options Greeks Introduction
  ❖ Greeks in detail
  ❖ Price behavior according to Greeks
  ❖ Using option calculator to know Greek valuation in market
  ❖ Expensive Vs Cheap Options
  ❖ Long term Vs short term options
  ❖ Which option Greek dominates at which time
  ❖ Special situations pricing

4. Option strategies:
  ❖ Straddle/Strangle
  ❖ Spreads
  ❖ Butterfly
  ❖ Condors
  ❖ Bull and bear spreads
  ❖ Ratio Spreads
  ❖ Ladder
  ❖ Put call parity

5. Conclusion and doubt clearing session

Section 2: Advanced Options

Duration: 15 Hrs 


1.Options Greek in detail
● Theta:
❖ Why and how is time associated with options mathematics?
❖ Explanation of theta decay
❖ Usage according to market dynamics
❖ Theta behaviour in long term vs short term options
❖ Theta long and short strategies
❖ Adjustment of theta with other Greeks
❖ Calculating/neutralizing portfolio theta
● Vega:
❖ Introduction to volatility
❖ Historical Vs Implied volatility
❖ Behavior of Vega w.r.t. to other Greeks
❖ Behavior of Vega w.r.t. to other Greeks
❖ Volatility smile and skew
❖ Term Structure and volatility surface
● Delta:
❖ Introduction to delta
❖ Delta association with other Greeks
❖ Delta neutrality in detail
❖ Delta long/short/neutral strategies
❖ Calculating and neutralizing portfolio delta
● Gamma and rho:
❖ Gamma explanation
❖ Short gamma/long gamma strategies
❖ Gamma behavior w.r.t. to series expiry
❖ Gamma neutral portfolio
❖ Introduction to Rho
❖ Usage and implications of rho

2. Understanding India VIX and its zones for various strategies

3. Second line Greeks
❖ Introduction of Volga/Vanna
❖ Importance of Volga
❖ Importance of Vanna
❖ How to calculate second line Greeks
❖ Affecting factors of Volga and Vanna

4. Options strategies in light of Greeks
❖ Understanding basic options strategies and their Greek profiles
❖ Role playing of Greeks in strategies in their respective Risk/Return profile

5. Doubt clearing session

Section3: Options for Masters

Duration: 25 Hrs

1. Revision of options Greeks

2. Option writing explained
❖ Introduction to options writing
❖ Payoffs
❖ Common practices in option writing
❖ Introduction/Calculation of sigma range
❖ Covered call in detail
❖ Writing to fetch highest returns from theta decay
❖ Greek management in option writing
❖ Credit spreads
❖ Credit ratios
❖ How to handle special situations/announcements being an option writer

3. Playing Volatility
❖ Long/short Vega with delta neutral
❖ Volatility Spreads
❖ Front spreads
❖ Back spreads
❖ Ratio spreads with delta neutral

4. Weekly Options
❖ Managing weeklies
❖ Analogy to capture weekly returns through Options

5. Analyzing option chain
❖ The open interest theory
❖ Understanding of options PANE
❖ Analyzing index options vs Stock options open interest
❖ Types of Options in practice worldwide

6. Myths Vs reality in derivatives

7. Useful Technical indicators for options players

8. Problem solving and discussion session

Section 4: Shaping the trader within you

Duration: 25 Hrs

Contents: Surprise

❖ Encouragement and hand holding in live trading after completion of section 1
❖ Teaching of the endurance of trader’s psychology and money management skills
❖ Live trading sessions on request
❖ Specific trade help
❖ Sharing of useful text and videos to understand the topics in detail

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